tailored learning for each child

At William Elliott Nursery School we ensure that children are able to learn and develop in a unique environment where there is always something new to learn!
All state nurseries, private day nurseries and pre-schools deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  At William Elliott Nursery School we cover the “Early Year Foundation Stage” and the “STEM” (a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) programmes throughout the nursery day.

Mini Learners Curriculum

Our unique curriculum is delivered through planned play based activities suitable to the stage each child has reached. Children are encouraged to make choices and decisions about a range of activities they would like to be involved in throughout the day.

The planning is a balance of both adult-led and child-initiated activities, by which the children will be challenged in order to reach their full potential, but not pushed beyond their capabilities so they can continue to enjoy learning.


Continuous assessments of the children learning are carried out through observations in order to inform planning on the next steps in each child’s development through play-based activities.

Personal, Social & Emotional

Our staff and environment gives children the perfect stage for their self expression and independence.

Communication & Language

Music and movement is an integral part of our daily curriculum, and fosters a positive learning environment.

Physical Development

We encourage diverse physical activities through our inviting outdoor and indoor play areas.



We use modern learning programs to help your children adopt reading naturally and easily.


We encourage children to solve problems using numbers and patterns.

Understanding of the World

There is no limit to what your children will discover, enabling their imagination to thrive whilst learning about the world around them.

Expressive Arts & Design

Creativity is fostered through a wide range of materials including fabrics, acrylics and paint.


Fun, creative activities to engage your child in learning more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.