Clubs & Holiday

enjoy pure fun


3 to 8 years

We provide an exciting before and afterschool club and holiday scheme which integrates creative and cultural themes in a safe and stimmulating setting.
Your children will explore cooking, sports, dance. music, art, drama and science.
Every day, they’ll access the outdoor play space, and go for organised trips in the local area. 
Whatever the weather, we create a memorable experience for each child

Benefits for your child

After-school and holiday clubs allow children the chance to let off a bit of steam in a Children can benefit emotionally and behaviourally if they feel a positive connection to other people, while the relationships that are created between staff and children in our clubs are based around fun and not just academic qualities only. Children are also given the opportunity to mingle with others within their peer group with whom they may not get to interact with during normal nursery school hours. In addition, mixed ages are able to play together, with older children supporting younger ones and siblings being able to play together too. Learning to be respectful of others in these environments is key.


safe, stimulating, familiar environment.


mixed ages are able to play together


benefit emotionally and behaviourally


based around fun and not just academic qualities only